Travel Insurance

Travel is one of the many pleasures of life. Travelling for leisure has become increasingly accessible to people nowadays, whether domestic or international.The number of business executives travelling for work has also increased with the economy opening up and global opportunities becoming more available to anyone,anywhere.
Studying abroad has also become easier and more affordable for students in India, which translates to an increasing number of youngsters choosing to travel abroad for higher studies. An increase in disposable income and higher standards of living has seen more young couples, families, and retired people choosing to travel extensively to foreign locales as well as to domestic locations on a more frequent basis.

What are the unforeseen conditions that are covered in travel insurance?

There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a holiday. These are covered in travel insurance. so that you don’t have to worry. Some of these situations are cancellation of flights or ferries or other modes of transport, loss of luggage that is checked in or loss of cash, loss of important travel documents (such as passport etc.), injuries, accidents, hospital charges,consultation fees for physicians, etc.

Other advantages of taking a travel insurance package

Most insurance companies offer 24x7 helpline numbers for any travel and medical advice and assistance during the period of travel. Not only can policy holders avail medical advice over the phone, they can also get medical appointments with local doctors arranged, information on the best exchange rates, claims procedure information, monitoring of medical issues during hospitalization, etc.

Getting travel insurance coverage, whether you are a business executive, student,retired person, or an entire family or group of friends travelling for leisure, is a smart choice that protects one’s peace of mind and leaves one free to enjoy the journey!